Every small town needs a great little Gift and Flower shop and Burlington was losing a great one. I thought long and hard if I wanted to dive into this 3rd business endeavor but I thought to myself, if anyone was up for the task it would be me. I looked at serval different buildings stewed for countless hours on where I should invest and finally found and decided to make 306 Neosho my home for now. Opening a small business is more work than a person really thinks. So many little things go into play designing and laying out a business, to something as small as the business card or bag for sold merchandise to be placed in, to the website and all social media outlets it’s takes hours and hard work to pull off. Without a dedicated person like myself, that strives to offer the best products and service to their customer’s, opening a small business and being successful is nearly impossible in this day in age. I started at a pretty young age opening businesses and I’m still to this day doing the same and remaining very active in each and everyone of them. Every business I open I really set down and think about the location, the building, the community, and most importantly you the people. I take each and everyone’s opinions into consideration I may agree and think “WOW” that’s an awesome idea or I may certainly disagree and not think its the greatest idea for my businesses but it may be for someone else’s and that is okay. I still took time to listen and that says a lot about the person I am today. I own and operate 2 very successful businesses one with my family called “The Feedbunk” that has been open 8 years and the second business on my own called “DownHomeGifts” that has been open 4 years and now my most recent business Curb Side Flower Shoppe. People ask me all the time how do you do it. To be honest it’s a lot of countless hours of time and dedications to make a great success story. I open businesses to offer a service I feel the community is lacking and I stand behind when I say “I do it for you the people”.

Lance Davis

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